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A3 Reborn/A9 Ranking OLDEST Private Dekaron Server, 10+ Years Running All Classes Working Perfectly, Great Balance in PvP Action 20+ updates, DK-Square Update, Battle Royal Update A20 + Jump Skills, No Pay2Win, Free Dshop per hour,Vote for Coins and Exchange,Custom Aura,Fast leveling and upgrade                                   

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Core Games - Dekaron The Answer is an online gaming company specializing in developing and managing free to play ! Private Servers of your favorite commercial MMORPGs. Our motto is "Gamer Rehab" for a very important reason. We aim to rehabilitate the gaming experience of those MMORPGs that just seem to get old and boring after playing the official servers for so long. We offer you a fresh new way to play, rehabilitating your excitement and enjoyment of the game. Our games are not made to suck the players dry of their money for the same old crap over and over again. You can play our games without spending anything but your time. We do not offer overpowered items to a donor that make the game unfair for those that cannot afford to support Our Gaming Network. Core Games is constantly looking for new games to bring into our company. If you have a private server and need that extra support to get the game on its feet Our Network may be your solution. Speak with the Any Of Our Administrators More for details.

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  • Date Joined: Monday, Dec 09, 2013 06:12 am
  • Last Updated: Tuesday, Apr 03, 2018 09:04 am
  • Server Type: Dekaron
  • Country:
    Russian Federation
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Dekaron A3 and A9Free D-shop Per HourPerfect BalancedNot Pay to Win ServerVote For CointsDaily Events

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Sunday | Nov 02,2014 | 12:11
Love this!
Saturday | Jan 24,2015 | 07:01
Friend told me about this site few months ago and it actually helps me alot.
Now I have more game to try and play.
Thumbs up for this site....LOVE IT
Monday | Jan 26,2015 | 14:01
one of the best servers !
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